Useful Links

The following web sites may be of interest to cadets:


Ths is a video produced this year by the Southeast Regional Forces and Cadets Association


This is the official web site of the Centre for Cadet Adventure Training (CCAT). CCAT runs courses throughout the year for cadets and cadet staff. We have had twenty cadets and one staff member take advantage of these excellent courses over the last five years and we reccomend them to you. Bookings are made by us so please take a look at the web site and let us know if you have any questions or want to apply for a course.


This is a weekly newsletter from the South East Reserve Forces and Cadets Asociation (SERFCA).


This is a specialist shop that stocks items that cadets may wish to buy. I have used the shop but suspect some items are available elsewhere cheaper.


This is a company that sells pocket books and has a pocket book specifically for Combined Cadet Force and Army Cadet Force cadets. The pocket book appears to be factually correct and therefore useful but is not produced by the Ministry of Defence. It is not an official document and it's contents may not be up to date or factually correct.