SRMS CCF History

Below are some details of our history and ex Cadets. Those names with an * indicate we have contact details for them.  If you can add any information or want to contact anyone please email us at the school.

CSM/Drum Majors/Appointed Officers/Retired Officers

2014 Olly Lyon/William Parker-Gorman

2013 Tom Atkins/Ian Carpenter.  2Lts M Robinson and P Mackay.  SSI Sgt T Cavanagh.  (Retired) Lt Cdr J Daly

2012 Maxwell Robinson/Jack West-Sherring    2Lt R Waldron and SSI Lt Cdr J Daly  (Retired) Maj H Pashley and Capt P Dean

2011 Tom Mortimer/Maxwell Robinson   2Lt S Philpott and promoted Maj J Money

2010 Max Pulgar-Frame/Tom Mortimer   2Lts C Moon and E Ferris

2009 Chris Stowell/James Ferguson    SSI Capt J Money

2008 Ben Worsfold/Chris Stowell   Contingent Commander Capt L J Martin

2007 D Redman/Ben Worsfold   (Retired) Contingent Comander Maj D Brooks

2006 M Waters/K Machray

2005 John Spencer/N Robinson

2004 G Upton/C King

2003 M Smith/C King

2002 S Cole/Z Walker

2001 C Page/N Satterley

2000 B R Smith/A Carroll

1999 H O Dyson/T P Pinnock

1998 N J Simpson/G E Newport

1997 J P Wiiliams/M J Bradford

1996 S Brooks/C J Newport

1995 S A Ardley/J W Brewin

1994 S R H Roberts/J H Pinnock

1993 Andrew P Graeme/J L Staff

1992 A M H Roberts/M J Nelson

1991 Nolan L White/S L P Stone

1990 Fiona E Galbraith/P L Gillett

1989 D L Cook/D A Williams

1988 M A Hayes/S W Maunder

1987 M E Allkins/L P Moroney

1986 J Patsalides/S R Goldup

1985 T R Vosper/D G Chambers

1984 J L Harlow/S R Culver

1983 S R Harlow and Terry Tyack/J L Harlow

1982 A J Franklin/S R Harlow

1981 E M Ashford/S W B King

1980 Mike J Burt*/S W B King

1979 CSM Keith M A Simpson*/SSgt Fraser McDermott and SSgt Steve Davies/Drum Maj B R B King

1978 CSM Tom C Cave/Mike J Burt*    2Lts H Pashley and P Dean

1977 M R Oates/Mike J Burt*

1976 B R Wilkinson

1975 S H Johnson

1974 R D Matthews

1973 J T C Dominy

1972 A J E Moy

1971 J Taylor

1970 CSM Peter W Leal*

1969 D J Jutson

1968 A Carpenter

1967 J R Osborn

1966 R I Harrison

1965 R L Styles

1964 H W J Wren

1963 G R Illsley

1962 N C F Weekes

1961 A J Fletcher

1960 P L Gibson and J Bellchambers

1959 R J Richards

1958 A D W Meacher

1957 A J Dent