Signals Competitions

Exercise Christmas Cracker 2014

SRMS came fifth out of 25, the second CCF contingent after Reading Grammar School. Congratulations to all who took part for a very creditable performance. An even higher place would have been possible if the antenna had been in place at the start, and operating had continued for the whole period.

The exercise took place on 29th and 30th November. This competition was in a changed format, lasting 30 hours and including MARS stations in America, Afghanistan and Germany. Eight capable cadets attended. For the first time a doublet antenna was used, and proved very successful, with signal reports of loud and clear from as far away as South Carolina. The station was protected within the 12 x 12 tent. Weather conditions were excellent with no rain or wind.

Exercise Thunderclap 2014

SRMS came second, 1 point  behind Churcher's College CCF, qualifying for Exercise Rolling Thunder in 2015. A good performance.

This was a one day (0900-1800) competition on 1st March associated with Exercise Rolling Thunder, which was taking place at the Royal School of Signals Blandford. A 45m endfed antenna was used in the Home Field supported between the 12m mast and a tree. Trials of a 17m vertical and a drooping dipole were also made. There were a good number of contacts, though not many stations were taking part. Weather was excellent and there was no need to erect the tent, which was lucky because only four cadets attended. That was partly due to the short notice (only a couple of days before) that the event would actually go ahead. Well done those who turned up!


Exercise Christmas Cracker 2013

There was a good turnout on 23rd -24th November and the weather was very favourable. After a somewhat slow start, a good number of contacts were made, operating right through the night in shifts. Three different antennas were used successfully to radiate maximum power on all of the widely-spread HF frequencies. The Headmaster visited on Sunday morning. Alas, there were problems with the new system of uploading the log to the website, and SRMS were never placed, although performance had been very good.

The map below shows the location of the main contacts:

Exercise Summer Whine 2013

SRMS came third in this exercise, the team's best place to date.

1           Bridlington CCF

2           Reading School CCF

3           Sir Roger Manwood’s School CCF

4           Hants & IOW ACF – B Coy

5           Essex ACF

6           Hants & IOW ACF

7           Maidstone GS

8           Dollar Academy CCF

9           Humberside ACF

10        Churchers College CCF

11        1213 Sqn ATC

12        Kg Ed VI GS CCF Louth

See this website:

There are some interesting pages, but don't believe everything they say about antennas!

SRMSCCF has been placed: 8th in 2010; 4th in 2011; 8th in 2012 and did better this year with the benefit of a good many more trained and competent operators.

Exercise Easter Bunny (St Martin's Plain)

SRMS came sixth. While this leaves room for improvement, it is the highest position yet achieved in this competition which is always keenly fought. There were 21 entrants from all over the country.

Excercise Thunderclap

SRMS came second in this national competition in March. This qualifies the contingent for the National Signals Competition 'Rolling Thunder' at the Royal School of Signals Blandford next March. A team of 5 cadets will be selected. 

Morse Code (CW) Contact

In May a team set up the station on a Thursday afternoon and made a scheduled contact with the net monitor in Yorkshire. This was initially on SSB but switched to CW during a game of 'minefield.'