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Marksmanship Principles

Know and understand the principles of shooting to get better scores. If you don't understand ask.

1.    The position and hold must be firm enough to support the weapon.  (Build up a firm position with your elbows tucked in close together. Pull the rifle butt tight into your shoulder by pulling back with the left hand on the weapon stock).

2.    The weapon must be held upright and pointed naturally at the target without undue physical effort. (Look down the sights, close your eyes and relax. Open your eye and see if the weapon is still pointing at the target. If not, adjust your position).

3.    Sight Alignment (aiming) must be correct.  (Ensure the rear sight, foresight and target are all in line).

4.    The shot must be relaeased and followed through without disturbing the position.  (Control your breathing and release each shot at the the point of breath. Don't snatch the trigger but squeeze it gently)