Policy on wearing CCF uniform to and from school

01/06/2015 14:15

In December we were advised by local Police not to wear CCF uniform to and from school because of a possible threat to our personal security.

The latest advise from the Army is that a decision on wearing uniforms should be made at a local level.  Without any further advice we have decided to relax the uniform policy and allow individuals to decide if they wish to wear cadet uniform to and from school.  No cadet is required to wear cadet uniform to school but we appreciate the limited risk to our security in this area and we appreciate the practical difficuliteis of carrying cadet uniform and changing.  If you wish to continue changing into cadet uniform at school we will contiue to make provision for this.  The main consideration for you is really a question of how much contact with the general public you have whilst wearing your cadet uniform to and from school.  If you travel to school by car or walk a short distance then you probably have a limited exposure to the public.  If you wait at a bus stop for a school coach or catch the train then you probably have more exposure to the public.  

Please discuss this with your families and feel free to contact me.