Cadet Volunteer Qualifiction Office

BTEC First Diploma in Public Services.

All cadets over 16 now have the opportunity to earn, at no cost, a BTEC First Diploma in Public Services which is the equivalent of 4 GCSE's at A to C level.

The Cadet Force is currently the only national youth organisation offering young people the chance to learn these valuable skills together with the opportunity to receive a nationally recognised Diploma that is respected by both employers and institutes of higher eduacation,

To successfully complete the BTEC Programme, cadets are required to complete a course syllabus that includes supervised adventure trainin activities, additional classroom work and one or two weekend camps.  The requirements differ slightly between the Combined Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps.

BTEC First Diploma in Music


Enrolment in the CVQ Programme starts in June each year and applicants must be over 16 and under 19 on the 1st of Septemeber.

Once enrolled cadets will receive a Workbook to complete.  Examples are available in the CCF so you can see what is involved.


For further information ask at CCF or go to: