Current Strength:  104 Cadets and 15 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

 This year the senior cadets were Cadet Company Sergeant Major Olly Lyon and Drum Major William Parker Gorman


Autumn Term Events:

Intake of recruits from Y8

Royal Air Force Association Memorial Service (Battle of Britain Day)

Y6 Open Days

Summer Mountain Proficiency Course


Visit to the Army Air Corps Pilot Training Course at Middle Wallop

Remembrance Assembly in school and Remembrance Day Parade in Sandwich

Light Support Weapon Range Day at Lydd

Exercise CHRISTMAS CRACKER Signals Competition

Sandwich Christmas Carnival

CCF Christmas Quiz and Party


Winter Term Events:

CCF Officers Initial Course

L J Page Decimal Air Rifle Shooting Competition vs the Old Manwoodian's AssociationMethod of Instruction Course for Y10 cadets

Country Life Air Rifle Shooting Competition vs the Old Manwoodian's Association Shooting Team

CCF Officers Weapon Training Instructors Course

March Training Weekend including Ex NIGHT OWL and a Patrol Competition

School Founders Day Parade

Inspection Day and Inter Section Competition

Adventure Training week in Dartmoor


Summer Term Events:

CCF Officer Range Management Course

Range Day at Hythe

Civic Sunday Parade

Irwin Bowl Air Rifle Shooting Competition vs the Old Manwoodian's Team

Staple Village Fayre

Armed Forces Fly the Flag Day in Sandwich

Armed Forces Day Parade in Deal

Summer Camp.  

Cadet Leadership Cadre

CCF Officers Advanced Course

CCF Officers Basic Course



Lt Col (Retd) R S Harlow and the Corps of Drums and Fifes have had another busy year with performances for the school, civil and military parades and events.  Many of the events supported by the Band are annual occurrences.  The local community, including the Royal British Legion, District and Town Councils and various charity event organisers really appreciate the support our Band provides to the numerous local events.  We are continuouslycomplimented on the standard of music and appearance of our fine musicians.  Much credit goes to Drum Major Ian Carpenter and Sgt Helena Heath, who organised and taught the cadets, preparing them for another successful year. The Band currently has room for anyone who would like to join.  Band cadets can, but do not need to, take part in the weekly cadets training undertaken by the rest of the cadets.  See below for information on the monthly clubs and section evenings starting in September at CCF.


Thanks again to Mr Charles Peal who organises the Old Manwoodian's Association Shooting Team and facilitates the three annual shooting competitions between the cadets and the OMA.  Cadet Sergeant Olly Lyon did a fantastic job this year as the school Shooting Team Captain.  He led a determined team and achieved the highest individual scores by a cadet in two of the events.  The team and individual results are posted in the CCF Hut and on the CCF web site.  Y8 cadets in particular have proved to be good shots and two joined the team for the last competition of the year.  In the new school year the Shooting Team will meet each month and practice marksmanship principles and competitive shooting with the assistance ofMrs Amy McManus who is a very proficient member of the OMA Shooting Team.


In October fifteen senior cadets spent a day at the Army Air Corps Pilot Training School in Hampshire.  The cadets received a briefing on the Army Air Corps followed by familiarisation flights.  It was an excellent insight into the training of the pilots and a number of cadets are now considering this career option.


The Method of Instruction (MOI) Course was held over a period of Wednesday afternoons and a weekend in a local Army training camp.  Ten Y10 cadets were taught and practicedinstruction techniques using lessons from the Navigation and Skill at Arms syllabus. They allachieved excellent results and became confident instructors.  They were all promoted to Lance Corporal and have since proved to be enthusiastic instructors to the new Y8 Cadets.


Our Inspecting Officer at the Annual Inspection was Lieutenant Colonel Fiona Galbraith who was at SRMS a few short years ago and was the school's first female senior cadet.  Fiona was delighted to return to the school and meet the cadets, staff, families and guests.  The parade and Band demonstration were both performed to a very high standard.  Corporal George Hyett and his section won the Inter-Section competition that followed.  Thank you to all the staff, including our external assisting instructors, who came in to help run the day.  Thank you also to all the families and friends who came to see what we do at CCF and just how impressive the cadets are.


Corporals George Hyett and Dash Eyles were selected to join a two-week expedition to Kenya in July.  Following successful written applications the two cadets attended twoselection weekends in the Lake District.  They both completed a one week training course in Summer Mountain Proficiency and are now eagerly awaiting the expedition to Kenya.


Forty three cadets attended Summer Camp at Longmoor at the end of June.  The Army runs summer camp and schools from across the country joined us as we participated in a variety of activities.  The main theme of the week was fun military activities.  There were four days of activities including shooting the two types cadet rifles, clay pigeon shooting, shooting in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer, paint balling, laser quest, section attacks, ambushes,climbing wall, mountain biking, orienteering, survival skills, team challenge tasks, etc.  Day five was a competition day between the schools. Days five and six were an overnight exercise on the Army Training Area.  Although exhausting, it was the highlight of the year for most cadets and staff.


In preparation for being a senior cadet next year, Sergeant Olly Lyon is attended a Cadet Leadership Cadre in July at Longmoor.  This course is designed to challenge and test senior cadets from across the country in all the CCF training elements.  On completion of the course Olly has returned better placed to train and organise the younger cadets in his final year in school.


New cadets can start CCF on Wednesday the 17th September.  We have an organised course for new cadets that will run for a few weeks in September and October, so we hope all new cadets will join together and benefit from the course.  New cadets should complete the Registration Form found on the CCF web site and hand it in to the school reception or Lt Waldron in the school kitchens on or before they come to CCF after school for uniform sizing on either Wednesday 9th or Wednesday 16th July.


At the start of the school year we welcomed Sergeant Cavanagh who joined us as the newSchool Staff Instructor.  Sergeant Cavanagh has both military and outdoor education experience and is a qualified instructor in many areas of adventurous training.  He hasalready had a tremendous impact on the administration and training of the cadets and we look forward to benefiting further from his enthusiasm and skills.


Also new to us this year is Sergeant Denny from the Cadet Training Team in Chatham.  Sergeant Denny visits the school each week to instruct both cadets and staff.  He has two other schools in Kent to look after but manages to dedicate an impressive amount of time and effort to us at SRMS.


2014 is becoming a busy year for staff training.  Two of our civilian Instructors were commissioned into the Army this year and are now busy gaining qualifications to run various aspects of cadet training.  One officer attended the adult initial training week in January, with three more officers booked to attend the same course over the summer.  One officercompleted the Skill at Arms Instructors course over Easter and is attending the adult advanced training week over the summer.  Two officers passed the MOD driving license assessment and one officer renewed the KCC Minibus Driver assessment. One officer completed a Range Management Course and is planning to attend a further Range Management later in the year to enhance his qualification.  One officer renewed his range management qualification and finally, one officer is booked onto the Obstacle Course Supervisors Course also later in the year.  This job is not just about looking after cadets!

Three officers were promoted this year as a result of successfully completing training courses and/or time served in the CCF.


Running the CCF is quite a task and would not be possible without the help of all the staff and senior cadets.  Most of the staff work outside the school and have other full time jobs. Their commitment to the school is greatly appreciated and I would like to thank them all for their support and assistance over the year.