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01/06/2015 14:15
In December we were advised by local Police not to wear CCF uniform to and from school because of a possible threat to our personal security. The latest advise from the Army is that a decision on wearing uniforms should be made at a local level.  Without any further advice we have decided to...
10/14/2014 12:41
The CCF Office Telephone 01304 612247 has now been disconnected to save money.  We will use a dedicated CCF mobile telephone in school on Wednesdays and whenever we are training on other days. The new telephone number is 07507 318947
11/23/2013 10:00
Inter School Signals Competition
07/14/2013 00:00
Summer Camp will be held at Crowboough between Sun 14th and Sat 20th Jul. We have chosen Crowborough again because it is the nearest of the five locations across the country and we know there will be staff and cadets that will need to arrive and leave independenty. This is the second consecutive...
07/07/2013 11:11
A week long course between 7-13 Jul, for senior cadets held at the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park
06/30/2013 09:00
06/29/2013 10:00
This is a 24 hour HF Radio signals competition held at the CCF Hut. Ideally we need 10-12 cadets throughout the 24 hours but individuals are free to attend for periods of the competition rather than the whole time.
06/29/2013 09:00
06/15/2013 09:00
Shooting Team Capt LCpl Olly Lyon to select a team of 6 cadets.
05/12/2013 09:00
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