About Us

The CCF meets after school on Wednesdays. We start straight after school and finish by 17:15.

Cadets may join in Year 8. We recruit new cadets in September and give them a short introductory course covering the basics. After that cadets either train in year goups, sections or as the whole contingent. Training is organised by Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs). Senior cadets instruct junior cadets whenever possible.

CCF Band

The CCF Band has a fantastic reputation in our local community. They have performed to a very high standard in public, representing the school at numerous events. Regular annual events include leading the parade on CCF Annual Inspection Day, leading the CCF marching to Church on Founders Day, leading civic ceremonious parades in Sandwich and Deal.

Lt Col (Retd) RS Harlow is the Band Master and Drum Major Tom Beale is the senior cadet. The band cadets meet once a month throughout the year on a CCF training evening and also for specific rehearsals prior to events. The CCF Band is made up of Fifes and Drums. We also have Buglers who play independently of the Band at events such Remembrance Day and the Battle of Britain Memmorial Day. There are no costs. The uniform and boots are supplied free. Once each month the Band meet to rehearse 

CCF Payments and Subscriptions

New Cadets are required to pay £25 deposit for the uniform issue.  Additional uniform will be issued when they start to attend events but the £25 will cover all items.  The deposit will be returned on receipt of the uniform when cadets leave CCF. 

From September 2014 Cadets have had to pay subcriptions. Subs are £55-00 a term (£165-00 a year).  Payment can either be cash or cheque made payable to SRMS (not SRMS CCF).  Subs will cover all other costs to cadets with the exception of Adventure Training which will be offsdet by subs, but as the Adventure Training is only avaloable for 24 cadets and is an expensive cost each year, it would be unfair to cover this completely with subs.


CCF uniform is worn to school on Wednesdays.  Cadets are required to wear uniform properly and not mix uniform with civilian clothing. T Shirts may be worn under shirts but must be black, green or brown. Lost berets will be replaced at a charge of £5-00 as they go missing too regularly and we pay for the badges and cost of sewing them to the berets.


All cadets are treated equally.  A female adult supervisor is required on occasions when the CCF leaves the school with female cadets.  The CCF has three female adult instructors for Annual Camps, Adventure Training, Field Weekends and Range Days.  Female and male cadets wear the same uniform and undertake the same training.